Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. is the Number 1 Mover in Arizona

Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. was named the number one moving company in all of Arizona by Ranking Arizona. Ranking Arizona has been the premiere ranking of businesses in Arizona since 1997. This award is determined solely by online voters who vote based on the superiority of the product of the company. Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. General Manager, David Silliman, says “the award solidifies the companies dedication to customer service and high quality performance that distinguishes them from the competition in the area.”

Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. has been in business since 1978 and has over 140 staff located in between their two Arizona locations; the headquarters in Phoenix and the Tucson site. While the Ranking Arizona honor is for the excellence of the two Arizona locations alone, Daniel’s also has six other locations across the United States spanning coast to coast. These locations include Kansas City, Los Angeles, Omaha, Raleigh, St. Louis and Wichita. For more information on Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc.’s services and their commitment to their customers visit their website at www.danielsmoving.com.

About Ranking Arizona:
Who’s the Best? Ranking Arizona is based purely on voters’ opinion. Participants vote based on quality of product, service and who they would recommend doing business with. The responses are then assembled and “ranked” according to their total number of votes. Ranking Arizona magazine is published annually and consists of controlled mailed distribution to primarily upper management executives, presidents, principals and small business owners. Ranking Arizona is used and referred to time and time again. To vote for this year’s participants visit www.rankingaz.com

Tips For Moving During Winter Months

Whether it is winter or summer, people are moving. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare for a winter/cold weather move:

Getting Your New Home Ready

  1. Turn on your utilities.
    You will want to make sure you call your new utilities company and get your lights and heat turned on and ready for use before your arrival. The days in winter are much shorter and much colder; no heat makes for a very cold move in.
  2. Clear the Snow From Main Pathways.
    You will want to make sure all paths that you plan on using are as dry and clear as possible. If you are moving within the same city be sure to try and go to your new house the day before and clear snow and ice in the main areas. Also add salt or sand if you expect more snow or cold weather that night. If you are moving to a different state or city and you have a property manager you can always call and ask them to check the main paths to see if they are safe for move-in.
  3. Check Parking Areas.
    No matter what time of year you move you should always be sure to check for available parking. Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. does this for you so you won’t have any last minute parking worries!

Prepare Your Old Home

  1. Clear Snow.
    Just like we suggested earlier for the house you’re going to move into, check the pathways and main areas of your old home for snow and ice. Clear all visible snow and add salt or sand in areas of high traffic. Check areas where the moving truck will be parked as well. You will want to do this the night before the move out, as well as the morning of.
  2. Protect Your Home.
    Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. takes great pride in protecting your items and areas from getting damaged. We use masonite to protect your tile and wood flooring as well as door jamb protectors and carpets shields to ensure your belongings remain in the same condition as when we arrived.
  3. Have Hot Drinks Available.
    Make sure there are hot chocolate, tea and/or coffee for all of your movers and for you! It’s going to be a cold day; even the smallest amount of warm liquids can warm you right up.

Other Precautionary Actions:

  1. Plan Your Travel Carefully
    Know your travel route and write down any contact numbers that may be necessary for your trip. This could include local authorities and highway control to determine if all highways are open and safe for travel. Often you can also find this information online as well.
  2. Get Your Car Serviced
    Be sure to have your car “winterized”, most local car repair shops should be able to do this for you. This should include having all fluids topped off, tires rotated and checked, brakes checked and heater checked. Keep a set of chains in your car, if allowed. Practice taking chains on and off your tires in your garage before you leave. Keep an emergency kit in your car as well. The kit should include salt or kitty litter to give you traction in case you get stuck. Also, make sure your roadside assistance and insurance are up to date.


Proper Planning Can Ease Moving Stress for Military Families

Something most military families will have to deal with is a PCS, or permanent change of station. While you may or may not be looking forward to the move, there are things a military member and their families can do before relocating. The biggest thing is to make sure you know all the regulations surrounding your move, so you can plan accordingly and stay away from stressful unforeseen obstacles.

Tip #1: Call your Personal Property Office (PPO)
Your first step should be to call the Personal Property Office and set an appointment. Before your appointment take the time to do some research on your own. Even if you have moved many times before, each situation is unique and your new duty station or military regulations will change and affect each move differently. According to Move.com, “PPOs have materials available to aid you in your research. An excellent resource for explaining basic entitlements and responsibilities is the “It’s Your Move” pamphlet that is also available online on various web sites, including LIFELines. General move information is available on LIFELines in the “Relocation and Housing” information area.”

Tip #2: Contact Your New Command and Sponsor
As soon as you have PCS orders in hand, a new command will assign a sponsor to help in your time of transition to your new command and new duty station. If you do not receive a contact within a reasonable amount of time, contact your new command. Their website may also be a great place to get familiar with. A sponsor is especially important if you will be moving overseas or to a more remote place. Your sponsor will also be responsible for informing you on your host-country rules and customs. They will be able to let you know which belongings you should bring and which ones you shouldn’t.

Tip #3: Take Charge of Your Move
Even though you should have enough assistance throughout your move, you are still ultimately responsible for planning it from beginning to end. Stay active and involved during the entire process. Know all the rules and regulations and make sure you start making arrangements at least a month before moving day. The actual move day will go much more smoothly if everything is planned out far in advance.

Tip #4: Know Your Entitlement
Know the maximum weight you can move at the government’s expense. This amount should be based upon your personal situation and rank. If you do go over the pre-set amount of weight, you will be responsible for paying all extra charges. A good rule of thumb to estimate the weight of your possessions is to assume you have 1,000 pounds per room than add any additional weights of large appliances and items.

Tip #5: Find Out What Personal Effects You Can Bring
Your personal effects and property from your home are referred to household goods, or HHG. Your HHG’s usually fall within your weight entitlement, and should be moved at no additional cost to you. However, sometimes items such as boats may or may not qualify. Also some carriers have restrictions or there may be local ordinances for certain items. Be sure to check out the Defense Transportations Regulations website for a complete guide on determining what you can and cannot bring at no additional charge.

Finally, be sure you have any paperwork that needs to be completed, filled out and ready to go. It is important that you have adequate copies of your PCS orders as well as the following papers:
• powers of attorney or letters of authorization
• appraisals of high-value items
• inventory with video or photo documentation
• Insurance policies, in addition to those provided as part of your move.

Top 10: Fastest Growing U.S Cities

Forbes ranked the top 100 major metropolitan areas in the United States based on six different factors. It assessed estimated population growth from 2012 to 2013, job-growth rate, rate of gross metro product growth, 2012 federal unemployment data and median annual salaries. From these factors they narrowed down the list to the top ten fastest-growing U.S cities.

Two of the cities that made the list are Daniels Moving and Storage, Inc office locations: Phoenix and the number one fastest growing city Raleigh, NC.

No. 1: Raleigh, NC, Metropolitan Statistical Area

2012 population: 1,188,564
Growth since 2000: 47.8%
Growth since 2011: 2.2%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 3

No. 2: Austin, TX MSA

2012 population: 1,834,303
Growth since 2000: 44.9%
Growth since 2011: 3.0%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 1

No. 3: Las Vegas, NV

2012 population: 2,000,759
Growth since 2000: 43.6%
Growth since 2011: 1.7%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 11

No. 4: Orlando, FL

2012 population: 2,223,674
Growth since 2000: 34.2%
Growth since 2011: 2.2%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 2

No. 5: Charlotte, NC-SC

2012 population: 2,296,569
Growth since 2000: 32.8%
Growth since 2011: 1.7%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 9

No. 6: Riverside-San Bernardino, CA

2012 population: 4,350,096
Growth since 2000: 32.7%
Growth since 2011: 1.1%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 23

No. 7: Phoenix, AZ

2012 population: 4.329,534
Growth since 2000: 32.1%
Growth since 2011: 1.8%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 7

No. 8: Houston, TX

2012 population: 6,177,035
Growth since 2000: 31.0%
Growth since 2011: 2.1%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 4

No. 9: San Antonio, TX

2012 population: 2,234,003
Growth since 2000: 29.9%
Growth since 2011: 1.9%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 6

No. 10: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

2012 population: 6,700,991
Growth since 2000: 27.9%
Growth since 2011: 2.0%
Rank in 2011-2012: No. 5


Crofutt & Smith Movers, who have been in the moving industry since 1840, are now under new ownership effective early May. Daniel Ozbun, the owner of Daniel’s Moving & Storage, Inc., has added the St. Louis, Missouri and Raleigh, North Carolina locations to the growing Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. family, which already includes Phoenix, Tucson, Wichita, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Omaha locations.

Fourth generation Crofutt & Smith owners Roger and Dennis Sorhagen are excited about the new integrated partnership with Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. Each company has strong reputations for quality personal service and both consistently have earned the Milton M. Hill Award, Atlas Van Lines’ most honored award.

Mr. Ozbun commented saying he knows ” Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. will be able to capitalize on each company’s strengths creating an opportunity to provide an expanded footprint known for their stellar service to international and national corporate, third party, commercial, military, and COD clients.”

About Crofutt & Smith Movers
Crofutt & Smith Moving Storage was headquartered in Landing, NJ with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina and St. Louis, Missouri. As an agent of Atlas, Crofutt & Smith brought a promise of commitment and had helped clients go new places easily and securely, since 1840.
About Daniel’s Moving & Storage, Inc.
Daniel’s Moving and Storage Inc. is an industry leading moving & storage company operating since 1978.  A full-service Atlas agent, with locations in Wichita, Kansas City,  Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, and Omaha  providing service solutions to local, national and international clients.

Join Daniel’s Moving and Storage on the web at danielsmoving.com  and social media for updates on the new Daniel’s Moving and Storage St. Louis, Missouri and Raleigh, North Carolina location.  Daniel’s Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona can be reached at 877-278-6110.

All further inquires contact:

Jason Smith (jason@danielsmoving.com)
Daniel Ozbun (daniel@danielsmoving.com)

Moving Advice: Moving In The Summer

According to The United States Census Bureau the busiest moving season is by far summer. Data shows that on average 48.4% of all the moves in a year take place between June and September, the second highest percentage coming from moves happening in May. In total, on average, 65% of household moves take place in the summer months.

The 2013 season is expected to be even busier! Recent research has shown that home values are increasing, sales are rebounding, employers are hiring and the economy is on a recovery track. In addition to these factors, there is an unusually high number of last weekend and first weekend combinations during peak months.

May: Friday 5/31, Saturday 6/1, Sunday 6/2
June: Friday 6/28, Saturday 6/29, Sunday 6/30
August: Friday 8/30, Saturday 8/31, Sunday 9/1

The best way to ensure a stress-free summer relocation is to plan ahead. Reserve movers or a rental truck and/or portable storage as far in advance as you can. Also, be sure to double check moving dates. Weekends and the end of the month are almost always the busiest times to move no matter what season. If you can be flexible try to move in the middle of the week and in the middle of the month. Try to avoid Memorial Day Weekend all together and the last weekend in July, these dates are known to be extremely busy dates nationwide. If you do reserve any dates more than two months out, be sure to follow up at least a month out to confirm your dates.

Daniel’s Moving and Storage is committed to ensuring your move goes as smoothly as possible, no matter what season it is. If you have more questions or want to book your summer move today head to our website www.danielsmoving.com or give us a call at 877-278-6110. You will be set up with a personal move coordinator who will help you keep your move organized, no matter how far away it is, or how soon it is.

How-To: Plan a Garage Sale

A garage sale/yard sale is one of the best ways to de-clutter a house or an apartment before a move. Not only does it allow you to get rid of a significant amount of junk but you can end up making some extra cash as well. Garage sales do take some planning, it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it may seem. Here are a few tips to help you plan and execute a garage sale.

#1- Start a few weeks out by clearing out space to store items and supplies for the sale.
This area should be big enough to put boxes, signs, and labels, as well as the items that will be included in the sale. If you’re planning on selling large pieces of furniture, don’t worry about moving them to the sale area until the day before the sale.

#2- Gather items from your house.
Go from room to room with a box and select items that can be sold. Items to consider could be things like clothes that don’t fit, clothes that haven’t been worn in a year, outgrown toys, broken toys, extra books, items that were never used, items that were meant to be returned and never were, items that haven’t been used in a year, gifts that were never given, and other similar items.  Make sure to clean your items as you pack them for the garage sale. Clean items will sell much better than old/worn looking items.

#3- Decide on a date.
Pick a day and time of your garage sale, make sure the date is at least a few weeks out. Weekend days usually work best, since most people will be out driving around on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Start your garage sale early in the morning, around 7:00 am, and expect it to run late into the afternoon.

#4- Make more signs than you think you will need.
Signage is huge when having a garage sale. Drive around and make a map of all the places you want to put a sign. Make sure you put signs at all large intersections and well-traveled roads. Signs on bright poster board that are simple and easy to read are usually most effective. Also, make sure that there is an arrow or directions, on the sign, that are easy to understand. Using all the same colored signs usually make it easier for people to follow them. Make extra signs in case as your putting up your signs one gets ruined.

#5- Don’t forget the little things.
Be sure a few days before the sale that you gather up all the items you need for the sale. Don’t forget small extras: like having change on hand, extra labels, a calculator, bags, boxes, a chair, and something to put the money made in. Also having a radio or ipod player on hand to play music makes the day go by faster and adds to the atmosphere. You can also sell soda and water at your garage sale for $.50 a can/ bottle.

#6- Keep prices in $.25 increments.
To keep prices easy to understand and easy to add, keep all prices in $.25 increments. Put items that are all the same price in the same area or group items 2 for $.25 and so on. Also, make sure you price items higher than you would expect someone to pay for them. This will give you some haggle room.

#7- Setting up your sale.
Start setting up a couple of days early, in the area you designated in your garage. Wait until the night before the sale, or the morning of, to bring out items to the driveway. Set-up tables so items are easy to see. Hang up clothing so it can be easily browsed through.

With these tips and other tips available on www.danielsmoving.com, your garage sale will be a success! Daniel’s Moving and Storage can help you with every step of your moving process.

Top 10: Destinations To Move To In The U.S

The U.S Census Bureau stated that more than 36 million people relocated in 2012. That is over a million more than the previous year. A majority of those moves were within the United States and to warmer climate cities. The list below is the top ten most popular destinations to move to in 2012.

10. Sarasota, Fla.

9. Charlotte, N.C.

8. Seattle

7. Denver

6. Houston

5. Chicago

4. Orlando, Fla.

3. Phoenix

2. Dallas-Fort Worth

1. Atlanta

This graphic from Atlas Van Lines depicts the most common reasons why people chose to move. The most common reason being to start their own household, followed closely by moving to be closer to work or school.

Daniel’s Moving and Storage Moves for Hunger

When the economic crisis hit, Move for Hunger was created to help provide food for the less fortunate. It began with only one moving company participating and since then Move for Hunger has grown to have over 350 moving companies in 42 different states working together. With the help of these moving companies, Move for Hunger has provided over 519,000 meals.

The basic concept behind Move for Hunger came from the idea of so many customers throwing out all the food in their fridge and cabinets on moving day. They decided there had to be a better way to make sure that food wasn’t wasted. Move for Hunger will now come pack up and pick up the unwanted food from moving customers and deliver it to a local food bank. The moving companies who participate also hold their own self-hosted food drives and events to donate food throughout the year.

Atlas Van Lines is currently an “Epic” partner of Move for Hunger. Atlas headquarters held a local food drive shortly after announcing their partnership with Move for Hunger. The drive resulted in over 3,000-pounds of food being donated to the Tri-State Food Bank.

Currently there are more than 70 Atlas agents, including all of Daniel’s Moving and Storage locations, involved in the program and are working throughout the year to donate as much food as possible.

Daniel’s Moving and Storage headquarters currently donates their food to UMOM New Day Centers. David Silliman, General Manager of the Daniel’s Phoenix location, explains the organization.

“UMOM is a local non-profit in the Phoenix area, which provides homeless families and individuals with safe shelter, housing and supportive services to assist them in teaching their greatest potential. The organization also helps mothers and kids get out of abusive relationships and give them a safe place to live.”

David also described the UMOM locations after visiting them in past Thanksgiving’s and Christmas’s.

“Inside their “new day centers”, they have a playground and the rooms set up so the families have a private space.  They have cafeteria style food and various child care programs so the mothers can look for work opportunities.  They have various classes and groups for the mothers to better their education making and counseling so they can deal with the issues of past abuse and if needed addiction issues.”

For more information on Daniel’s Moving and Storage and their partnership with Move for Hunger, check out our website www.danielsmoving.com, or watch this video from Move for Hunger. You can also learn more about UMOM here: http://www.umom.org/